New Year’s Resolutions-We Here Highly Resolve…

New Year’s Resolutions

We Here Highly Resolve… New Year’s Resolutions This is the time for starting over, striving to improve. For setting the lofty year-long goal(s) to be the best version of yourself. And by April the goal you started with so fervently is usually out of focus. That’s because we really aren’t wired for focusing for a […]

Snowbirds Checklist to Consider

Snowbirds checklist

Snowbirds Checklist Heading is a good idea but consider legal issues before leaving. If you are a retiree who heads south after the holidays, it might be wise to create a checklist of at least four personal legal business items, according to in “Extra checklist before heading south for the winter.” Not that January […]

Deadly Sins Can Weaken Your Retirement Plans


Many have faced these sins, so it might be a good idea to check them out before they can surface. As the year draws to an end, here are a few thoughts on planning for your eventual transition to retirement. You may have every intention in the world of planning and financing your retirement. However, […]

Don’t Loss Your Purpose in Your Retirement

Purpose in Retirement

Think ahead about what you are going to enjoy during the retirement years. Don’t lose you purpose in your retirement.We work with many clients who are about to make the dramatic life altering change or retiring. Many people are very good at planning for the parts of retirement. However, they sometimes forget to include the change […]

Take a Fresh Look at Estate Plan If You Relocate


An estate planning attorney in your new state of residence should go over your estate plan. We have noticed a distinct trend: Many people are choosing to leave Maryland and to relocate for retirement and often relocate to a warm, sunny state. The weather an retirement friendly tax environments make this easy to understand. If you decide […]

Save for Retirement over Many Decades

Social Security Early

A 40-year saving plan can go a long way toward a healthy financial retirement. A key to financial security in retirement is to begin saving early. An example of success is Orville Rogers, who was flying around the country to attend master’s level track meets during his retirement, according to Money in “This 100-Year-Old Has […]

Stan Lee Faced Challenges in Last Years of His Life

Famous comic book leader

A solid estate plan can help avoid many of the challenges presented in the news lately. There have been a number of celebrities such as Stan Lee, Aretha Franklin and Prince in the news in recent years, who have passed away with controversies surrounding either estate plans or lack of estate plans. However, that does […]

Digital Assets Pose New Challenges

Digital Assets Pose New Challenges

Your heirs may find themselves at the mercy of thieves if digital assets are not protected. When I first heard a speaker talk about managing digital assets, I dismissed it as “I don’t really have any of those…” It that is your outlook on digital assets, think again: its almost impossible today to not have a […]

Getting the Best Results from Charity Giving

Gifting to Charity

End of the year is the busiest time for charities. As the holidays near and the New Year approaches, people often think of charitable giving. Charities certainly do. There are ways to have your donations get the best results, according to the Lebanon Democrat in “A few thoughts on charitable giving, taxes.” Here are a […]

An Estate Plan Really Needs to Be Correctly and Available

Estate Plan

The legal issues that may surround a health problem, can go from bad to worse if you are not protected by legal documents expressing your wishes, according to the New Jersey Herald in “The importance of putting plans in writing.” The message hits home especially hard, recently with two different instances. First, a Father wanted is child to receive […]