Business Owner? Don’t Delay Estate Plan

business owner succession planning

The government will be more than happy to distribute your assets. Years ago a friend of mine told me of his final moments with his father. He was in the hospital signing documents with the lawyer and his father. Dad was on his death bed, dying several hours later. The family business went to him, […]

Immediate Power of Attorney Requires Trust

Die without a will

If you are thinking of an immediate power of attorney, take your time and make the decision carefully. When you create a power of attorney, the authority granted in that document can be immediately effective, or alternatively can be activated only by documented proof that you are incapable of acting. Everything in life has its […]

How to not pick a guardian

Mother with her special needs daughter at the park

Waiting for the perfect answer often leads to no answer at all Picking a Guardian for your children is no picnic. I am an estate planning attorney and have three children. They are now thankfully adults, and I am very proud of them. I am also one of eight children. My wife is one of […]

Passing on Assets? Perhaps Some Can Be Given Away

Charitable giving

Want to make a big impact? Consider passing on some of your assets through charitable giving. While many people transfer their assets to the next generation, there are many who want to give some, or even all, of their assets away through charitable giving. That can make a big impact, according to MarketWatch in “Giving […]

An Estate Plan Should be in Writing

Estate plan

Make plans for handling an issue, before it becomes an issue. A plan not written down is really just a wish. I wish my son could handle my affairs. I wish my friend could speak for me in the hospital if need. I wish my special needs child would be eligible for needed government aid. […]

A Revocable Living Trust Might Be a Good Fit

Living Trust

There are many kinds of trusts. They aren’t just for the wealthy. Our practice has featured the preparation of wills and trusts exclusively since 1995. In the intervening years, we have prepared thousands of each such plans, and now work extensively implementing them after a client has died. Our caseload is now about 45% administration […]

Intestate Law is the State Writing a Will for You

debt and probate

Do you really want the state to determine where your assets end up? A key concept to planning your estate is that you already have a plan in place, whether you know it or not. If you die without a will, or die “intestacy”, meaning “without a Will”, the laws of your state essentially write […]

Advanced Directives Help Loved Ones Making Tough Choices

Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

An advanced directive can give you as well as your loved ones peace of mind. Do you want your preferences known, even if you are lack the capacity to communicate them? Then you need to create an advanced directive, according to the Valley News in “Advance Directives Provide Clear Guidance for Care.” The two components […]

The 50s: A Time for Decisions and Change

Planning in the 50s

If you have found your niche, now its time to take advantage of it. Are you in your 50s and now have some disposable income? It is time to take advantage of retirement planning opportunities, according to the Sioux City Journalin “In Your 50s? Do These 3 Things to Plan for Your Retirement.” Unfortunately, many […]

Estate Plan? Don’t Forget Digital Assets!

Planning for digital assets

The world has changed, and it really isn’t a good idea to ignore your digital assets when estate planning. Estate planning has generally been about tangible assets through the years. However, now attention needs to be also focused on the digital world in order to be thorough, according to the North Bay Business Journal in […]