Why a Probate Lawyer Sees Problems with Do-It-Yourself Wills

Probate lawyer

These documents could save money but can lay estate planning traps.

Income Taxes to file for a Deceased Person

Income taxes for a decedent

Do I file 2018 tax returns for my father? He passed away in October 2018.

Five Myths about Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney lawyer

While most of us have heard of a power of attorney, many have misconceptions about them.

Can I Get Cash From a Life Insurance Policy?

Transfer on death

In tough economic times, people are sometimes left scrambling for cash to meet everyday expenses and lifestyle demands. Your life insurance policy is a possible source of funds – but should you tap into it?

Maryland Augmented Estate Law Protects Spouse with a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Augmented Estate Law

A new “Maryland Augmented Estate Law” has been enacted by the legislature. This law greatly enlarges a husband’s or wife’s protections to receive at least a minimum “Piece of the Pie” at death. It expands new rights about which assets a surviving spouse can elect to receive at the death of their spouse. It is […]

What is the Best Way to Leave an Inheritance to a Grandchild?

protecting your assets

While everyone from brand new parents to great grandparents can benefit from the advice of a competent estate planning lawyer, frequently the individuals making sure that their affairs are in order, are those in their golden years. They have a common concern: what about their grandbabies?

Intestate Succession and its Fallout

Serving as Fiduciary

Truly, nearly every legal question depends on a host of facts and circumstances that make it impossible to guarantee a particular outcome … except in the case of my favorite question: ‘Do I need a will?’

What is an Advance Directive and Do I Need One?

Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

Normally, your doctor explains your health care options.  You then decide what is best for you. What happens if you are too ill to make decisions for yourself? Who do you want to make those decisions for you?

Beverly Hills 90210 Star Luke Perry Had an Estate Plan

Fortunately, Perry’s foresight to do proper estate planning, meant that the tragedy was not made worse for his family.

Scams at Death Include Stealing This House

Complaints about stolen homes have shot up from 44 in 2013 to 136 in 2018, according to the city Department of Records. The department is making changes to its security system in the aftermath of the Inquirer stories, but it declined to detail the upgrades, fearing it would tip off scammers.