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Where should you start with estate planning? By Booking a Conference with our estate planning attorneys!

When it comes to estate planning, do you know where to get started? While most people know that estate planning can help you prepare for end-of-life decisions and protect your family from a lot of pain and stress later down the road, many people do not understand how estate planning helps you manage your life DURING life and all the transitions that come with it. If you fall into one of the following categories, you should meet with one of the dedicated estate planning attorneys at Downs Law Firm to design a plan that focuses not only on the future but for your life now.

If you need a plan to preserve your legacy...

  • If you or your loved one passes away, what legacy will you leave your family?
  • Does your current plan take into consideration the legacy you want to leave your children and grandchildren?
  • Do you have a plan in place that not only passes on an inheritance of assets to future generations, but also passes on an inheritance of family values?

If you are a federal employee or military member...

Military members may have wills and related documents prepared by their JAG office. However, if they want to protect assets, avoid probate, or coordinate retirement and life insurance benefits, a private local law firm may be a better option.

  • Do you have a plan in place that will adequately preserve your legacy and provide a graceful transition for your family?
  • Do you have a plan that takes into account your unique benefits?
  • What do you want to happen with your retirement benefits, thrift savings account, and federal group life insurance?
  • Does your JAG written Will and related documents protect your assets, help you avoid probate, or coordinate your retirement and life insurance benefits?

If you have children or family members with special needs

Many times people know they need a will, but they have not thought through exactly what their plan needs to look like and what specific issues may arise. For example, if you have children with special needs or family member with potential addiction issues, the following questions are just a few of the things an estate plan can address:

  • How will you distribute income to your child to ensure that their needs are being met, and they have the proper health care?
  • How can you keep someone from abusing their role as a caretaker and taking your child’s entire inheritance away?
  • How can you be sure that if you leave an inheritance to your child, they will not use the whole amount on drugs or alcohol then be left in a worse position?