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dementia signs

Dementia Warning Signs Years in Advance!

As we grow older, many of us fear the possibility that we could be diagnosed with dementia. Few things are more frightening than the thought of losing our independence to this progressive disease.  Researchers at the University of Cambridge now say signs of dementia may appear up to nine years in advance of when the illness is typically diagnosed.

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Age Well With Everyday Activity

If you live in an apartment building or a multi-story house, you may dread taking the stairs each day. And, if you’re older, you might think that dodging the stairs means you’re less likely to stumble and trip. However, in reality, walking up a couple of flights of steps actually does plenty to preserve your balance as you age.

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New Year's resolution

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been involved in a coaching group for years, trying to learn to run my life and business with meaningful goals and purpose. Among the habits I have developed that have been most helpful is regularly visiting my major lifetime goals, then my 10-year, three-year and one-year goals. These take meaning and space, however, over a shorter timeline. 

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social securty run out

Will Social Security Run Out Soon?

The Social Security system of retirement benefits, begun in 1935, are a crucial underpinning of life for American retirees. For most people over 65, it’s undoubtedly hard to imagine life without this retirement benefit.

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Will contest

Can You Prevent a Will Contest?

From contentious relatives to scam artists, wills are not immune to the threat of a contest. If you have an inkling such a fight could be in your estate’s future, here are some ways to limit the risk.

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