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guardian for the wee ones

Picking a Guardian for the Wee Ones

Start by thinking of family and friends who share your values and have a loving bond with your children. They should be people you trust to raise your little ones with the care, wisdom, and courage of a legendary hero.

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reasons to have a will

Top Reasons To Have A Will

In the realm of estate planning, a common adage rings true: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” As an experienced estate planning attorney, I’ve witnessed firsthand the turmoil and heartache that can ensue when individuals neglect the crucial step of…

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assets in an estate

Preparing for Probate

We have all heard the term “probate.” However, we may not be exactly sure what this means. It may sound daunting, but don’t be intimidated by the phrase.

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unmarried couple

New Parent Estate Planning

There’s a lot of prep work to complete when you’re expecting a new baby. Expectant parents have a nursery to paint, strollers to buy, doctor’s appointments to attend, and nannies to hire.

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