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Aging Parent

signs of a stroke

Know These Signs Of A Stroke?

A stroke can cause disability or death. Prompt intervention can help improve the outcome after a stroke, so it’s important to recognize a stroke right away and get immediate medical attention.

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cognative decline

Dementia Warning Signs Years in Advance!

As we grow older, many of us fear the possibility that we could be diagnosed with dementia. Few things are more frightening than the thought of losing our independence to this progressive disease.  Researchers at the University of Cambridge now say signs of dementia may appear up to nine years in advance of when the illness is typically diagnosed.

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Age Well With Everyday Activity

If you live in an apartment building or a multi-story house, you may dread taking the stairs each day. And, if you’re older, you might think that dodging the stairs means you’re less likely to stumble and trip. However, in reality, walking up a couple of flights of steps actually does plenty to preserve your balance as you age.

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Happy 70th

Giving Thanks for 70 Years

Somehow they weathered the challenges, opportunities, and wonders and were blessed with eight children, many inlaws and significant others, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, lasting friends, and 68 years together.

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