What is Probate and Should you Avoid it? Part IV

Avoid issues with probate and trusts

Probate is what’s left over At the end of the day, there may be some things left over to go through probate, meaning they didn’t avoid the process by title or contract. What’s so bad about that? I don’t know that there’s anything so terrible about probate. It is a necessary process to transfer title […]

Receiving Social Security? Beware of Scammers

Social Security Scams

Scammers work to create weaknesses, including fear. Scammers have increased targeting people who receive Social Security, to the extent that complaints have increased 1,000% over the past year, according to Fox 6 Now in “‘The people who are calling have some pretty good tricks up their sleeve:’ Social security scam calls spiking.” Ketti Bingen received […]

It Is Best to Plan for Possibility of Assisted Living

medicaid crisis planning

There is little time when an emergency arises, so perhaps it is best to plan ahead. I tell my new employees that if they just pay attention, they will see the best loves stories in the world walk through our doors. We have many couples who we work with where one spouse has diminishing capacities. […]

Elder Abuse Is a Threat that Should Not Be Ignored

Elderly Abuse

 No matter how smart you are, you can still become a victim of elder abuse as you age. Who you trust to help you can have devastating consequences if you don’t choose wisely. Mary Weiss has endured the violent death of her son, four strokes and a heart attack. Now she is facing the loss […]

What is Probate and Should You Avoid It? Part III

Avoid probate by beneficiary

Probate is what’s left over An alternative way to avoid the Probate process, or the frying pan, is by contract. Retirement plans, life insurances and investment accounts can have transfer-on-death (TOD) or Paid-on-death (POD) instructions. These are also called beneficiary designations. The same is true for US Savings Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, and most other […]

Breach of Social Security Accounts on the Increase

easy target for scammers

Since Social Security is a target, it is best to be prepared and to be protected. Unfortunately scammers are relentless and merciless. Theft from Social Security is increasing. One way to help prevent it, is to create your account now, according to Next Avenue in  “Protect Yourself Against Social Security Identity Theft.” Opening your account […]

Taking a Couple’s Age Gap into Retirement Considerations

Age gap in retirement

If you don’t marry someone close in age, your estate plan may require a closer look. When a couple has an age gap, there may be some special challenges ahead, when it comes to estate planning, according to The Washington Post in “How will a couple’s retirement look when there’s a big age gap?” Not […]

What is Probate and Should You Avoid It? Part II

Probate avoiding

Probate is what’s left over I draw about ten frying pans a week on a legal pad. This is not due to my great artist ability. Last week I explained that Wills work through a process called Probate. When someone dies, property may be transferred by title, such as the transfer of a house to […]

Why Review Your Estate Plan?

Estate planning review

Life rarely remains the same and those changes mean it is time to take a fresh look at your estate plan. Time marches on and a person’s life changes. That creates the situation of there not being a doubt of whether an estate review is necessary but simply becomes a questions of when it will […]

Serving as an Executor or Trustee Can Be a Challenge 

Creditor Claims

Administrating an estate or trust? Let’s take a look at just how hard it can be. People often name a family member or close friend as an executor or trustee. However, sometimes it is wise to think it through and consider the possibility of a professional administrator as a trustee, according to Kiplinger in “Why […]