When a Spouse Needs Nursing Home Care

Spouse needs nursing home care

Let’s take one couple, Tom and Louise, who have been married to each other for over 50 years and live in the same home they bought when they first got married.

Do-It-Yourself Estate Plan Creates More Problems

Do-it-yourself estate plan

My idea: put our accounts in my wife’s name and put the land in our children’s names. The way I figure it, when something happens to me, they won’t need to do any of that courtroom mumbo jumbo that costs a few thousand dollars. What’s your take on the workaround idea?

Advantages of Gifting Now

Estate planning

Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? That adage might ring true for your family, as you try to figure out how to enjoy giving funds to your family today, while potentially saving your family money down the line.

Singles Need A Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney

As it turns out, a living will and a durable power of attorney for healthcare are two things that single people might especially want to give some thought to.

What is a Transfer on Death Account?

Transfer on death

Transfer on death (TOD) accounts (also known as Totten trusts, in-trust-for accounts and payable-on-death accounts) allow spouses to pass small estates in a simple, convenient way.

How to Determine the Level of Care Your Loved One Needs

Mom and daughter spending time together in the living room on a cloudy day

A senior living facility that would be a perfect fit for one person might be inappropriate for another person.

Do I have an Estate to Plan?

ignoring beneficiary designation

There’s a misperception that estate planning is only for the ultra-wealthy.

As a Senior Should You Find a Housemate?

To care for one another, many retirees are living together.

How Do I Pick the Right Healthcare Agent?

Living Will

Your proxy should be willing to speak on your behalf and act on your wishes, not their own.

How Can Generation X Find a Money-Life Balance?

Generation X

You can achieve your money-life balance with savings strategies.