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Lawyers Crack and Reciprocity Agreement

ABA Announces Expansive Reciprocity Agreement

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The American Bar Association and the United Association of Plumbers, Plumbers Local #357,  have announced a groundbreaking Reciprocity Agreement.
Qualified licensed members of either professional group are now eligible for cross-certification to be fully licensed professionals of the other Association, so long as they take a three-week internship program by a properly certified cross instructor from the other discipline.
This unprecedented departure from the normal bar examination requirements and journeyman tracks of these professions is being made for a number reasons: First, the impact of the diversified service offerings will enhance the professional lives and capabilities of members of both professions. Second, the convenience to the public at large make this agreement and overwhelmingly popular idea. Third, Lawyers may now be able to bill at rates comparable to plumbers. Fourth, Plumbers attire will likely improve significantly.
The Crossover skillsets needed to successfully navigate the two professional worlds are apparent. Both professions deal with the murky, the deadly serious, and matters which are best kept from the public eye.
Convenience to the consumer also cannot be overlooked. Imagine being able to work out a prenuptial agreement while your faucet is installed, or having an emergency water leak addressed, and having your home service warranty reviewed to make sure the work is covered.
There has been vocal opposition to this proposal from both inside each profession and from third parties. Many plumbers are concerned about the effect this merger could have on their otherwise stellar credibility. Some attorneys are concerned that “Lawyers crack” will soon slip into the vernacular.
A representative from the National Bankers Association refused to be identified, but uttered: “Who do they think they are, bankers?”
The full details of the arrangement still must be flushed out. For instance, can a Maryland Lawyer become a Delaware Plumber or vica-versa. These issues will be resolved with future water closet discussions.
In a game of dominos reminiscent of recent NCAA Collegiate Sports Conference realignments,  other professional groups desperately racing to create similar alliances.
Discussions are now underway between the American Jockey Federation and the American Medical Association, as well as the American Dental Association and the  National Veterinary Association. It seems no one wants to be left without a mutually beneficial partnership.
To qualify for participation, an attorney or plumber must register before midnight on Monday, April 1, 2019.
See applications to
Or the International Brotherhood of Plumbers.
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