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What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Really Do?

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Estate planning is a systematic process, which involves getting your personal and financial goals for the time you pass away or become mentally incapacitated. It is also known as a last will, and almost everyone does this planning for their family.

Vents Magazine’s recent article, “Understanding What an Estate Planning Attorney Does,” explains that estate planning is a legal set of instructions for your family about how to distribute your wealth and property after you die. Estate planning lawyers make sure the distribution of property happens according to the decedent’s will.

An estate planning attorney can provide legal advice and practical experience on how to prepare your will after you pass away or in the event that you suffer mental incapacity. An estate planning attorney will have all the information and education on all the legal processes, beginning with your will and moving on to other important estate planning documents. He or she will also help you to understand estate taxes, income taxes, and administrative expenses that you can avoid.

An estate planning attorney will also help to make certain that all of your savings and property are safe and distributed through the proper legal processes.

Estate planning lawyers can also assist with power of attorney documents and health care directives. These documents allow you to designate an individual to decide issues on your behalf in the event that you become mentally incapable of making decisions for yourself. They can also help you with a guardian who will look after your estate.

It’s important that you select the right estate planning attorney to execute the legal process as you’ve instructed in your estate plan. You should only retain an attorney with experience in this field of law because other legal counsel won’t be able to help you with these issues—or, they may say they can, but you may find out later that they’re not experienced in this area.

You also want to feel comfortable with your estate planning attorney because you must disclose all your life details, plans, and estate issues, so she can create an estate plan that’s customized to your circumstances.

Finally, when you die or become disabled, the comfort and guidance that your estate planning attorney provides can’t be replaced by an online will alternative.

If you choose the right estate planning lawyer, it will save you thousands of dollars by planning in advance and making all the processes smooth and easy for you and your loved ones.

Reference: Vents Magazine (December 12, 2019) “Understanding What an Estate Planning Attorney Does”